Design Intern


3 interns, startup founder


Virtual Reality tours startup seeks to improve visual appearance of website.

TURIPLE is a Korean startup that has a website in English. Since they are looking to market their product to different countries in the future they've asked me to review their current site and redesign the visuals.


  • Language barriers and design practices that vary from different cultural backgrounds

  • Understanding current phrasing of content and editing it to be comprehensive and persuasive 


Create a proto-persona to develop an understanding of possible users needs and wants.

From my initial discussion with my boss I gathered that the user of our service would be hotels and universities. These users would primarily go onto the website to see if a VR tour is right for their space. Important information they are looking for is the cost, the quality and process of the service.


Combine the users needs and my observations to define a problem.

Since English is not the companies first language there was inconsistent communication throughout the website. Along with this, it violated basic design principles- such as, consistency, responsiveness and hierarchy. Visually the site wasn't unified and didn't showcase the VR content produced as a main point of emphasis. In addition users need to be able to find information easily and understand what the service is. 


Wire-frame to rapidly visualize and understand user flow

From the users desire of seeing only important information, I decided to simplify the amount of content on the website and provide everything the user needs initially to gain interest in the service. 

Turiple (3).png


Mockup designs to present solid ideas to client.

Using Figma I created two variations of a single page scrollable website. These prototypes showcased a simplified, more professional and cohesive design. While still focusing on what the user needs- all the important information laid out. 


Show designs to coworkers to see if they are comprehensive

Given the time constraint of 2 weeks to complete this web design, we were not able to recruit users. So the next best step was to receive feedback from the CEO and other interns.


Finalize design pitch to hand over to CEO.

Feedback from coworkers helped me realize that I wasn't advertising the core product- the virtual tours! So I included the virtual tour so it was front and center. Since most users are interested in seeing what the service is and the quality TURIPLE offers, it was important to provide that information first. Given more time and resources I would have conducted usability tests to develop solid evidence that this design works.