Lead Designer​/



4 students, startup founder

Sketched out basic features for app: Dashboard, map education and settings.

UX Challenges

CPR SAVE is a startup that is in the process of building a network of volunteer responders for their service. Since there was little research done on who the user was and where this product fits in the market, we had to start from scratch. Along with this, the team didn't have a thorough understanding of medical implications, so background research about CPR and cardiac arrest was important.  

  • Understanding client requirements

  • Finding solutions around legal restrictions

  • Building a prototype that was intuitive and usable in an emergency situation

Prototyped the first initial design idea to understand what components were necessary.

After conducting usability tests we realized that the core part of the application wasn't as salient as it needed to be. So we stripped the app of the gamified profile, condensed the learning opportunities and completely changed the navigation. 

CPR Save Report

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In order to help save lives, CPR SAVE wants to develop an app that crowd-sources CPR for those who need it.